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  • Highest Revenue Sharing
  • Upto ₹ 1100 Per A/C Opening Incentive
  • No Registration Charges
  • Earn For A Lifetime
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Remisier Benefits

Product Offerings For Remisier

Choice has an extensive portfolio of product offerings backed by more than 25 years of experience. Remisiers have the option to offer the entire range of financial products.

Choice has an extensive portfolio of product offerings backed by more than 25 years of experience. Remisiers have the option to offer the entire range of financial products.

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Mutual Funds Distribution Mutual Funds Distribution
insurance Insurance
Retail Loans Retail Loans
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Benefits Of Being A Remisier With Us

As a SEBI Remisier, you can be a part of the well-known and respected Choice group. Register with any Stock Exchange (NSE/BSE) and be a Remiser in the Stock Market with a reputed brand.

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How To Become an Choice Remisier

Anyone who wishes to create a passive source of income.

- 01
No educational qualification criterion
- 02
Individual must be 18+ years of age
A knack to sell products effortlessly
A desire to be your own boss

Growth is for certain when you partner with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone from across India can be a Choice Remisier. Eligibility and qualification criteria are minimal, all we are looking for is willingness and passion.

Remisiers can select from fixed revenue per client or Brokerage sharing options. Sky's the limit as far as earnings are concerned, since we have the entire suite of financial products and customization options.

The following documents are required to complete Remisier registration with us.

  • PAN Card
  • Cancelled Cheque (that captures the MICR Code)
  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Income Proof


Remisier is a professional in the stock market, who uses their client base to find new customers or clients for the broking business. He/She works as an indirect collaborator of a stockbroker, earning commissions for each successful client onboarding ...

A Share Market Remisier is a stock market intermediary who, in essence, bridges the gap between the customer and the broking firm by introducing them to a stockbroker who can provide an easy entry into the capital markets.

The Remisier allows the stock brokerage firm to produce higher trading volumes and revenues without having to grow a fixed cost base or directly build a customer base. A Remisier in the stock market is held liable for any losses incurred by a stock brokerage firm because of any security transaction conducted under them.

Work Of A Remisier

A Remisier, sometimes, confused with a sub-broker holds its own significant role, while its responsibilities too differ from that of a sub-broker. The procedure of how to become a sub broker in India may differ to that of a remisier and so does the role of remisier. The remisier carries out the following functions: -
  • To seek out new business prospects and clientele regularly.
  • To develop a strong client base by acquiring new clients.
  • To execute orders and provide expert advice on all aspects of stock trading.
  • To manage your clientele to guarantee that monthly targets and objectives are met.
  • To think strategically and be highly service-oriented to effectively execute business plans.
  • To establish and maintain positive long-term client relationships.
  • To develop good selling skills and product expertise in stocks and shares to assist clients with their trading needs.
  • To have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and be able to work independently with various clients and brokers.

  • Who Can Become A Remisier

    Anyone who wants to supplement their income can consider becoming a Share Market Remisier. To become a Remisier, you don't need any specific qualification other than the ability to persuade and network with new clients.

    How To Become A Remisier

  • In general, becoming a Remiser in India is a simple process. The only aspect of the application that is difficult is the verification process.
  • The entire registration procedure is carried out under the supervision of SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India). You must have the necessary paperwork and qualifications for your position.
  • The stockbroker may cancel your application if they discover any improper follow-up of the procedure, thus you must be careful and vigilant while submitting your documents.

  • Benefits Of Becoming A Remisier

    As a Remisier, you can join the well-known and renowned choice group. Join our recognized brand and take advantage of the following benefits -

  • High Incentives
  • 1. No Registration Charges

    2. Highest Revenue Sharing

    3. Earn For A Lifetime

    4. Up to ₹ 1000 Per A/C Opening Incentive

  • Transparent and Growth-Oriented Business Model
  • Support
  • 1. Marketing and Sales Support

    2. Local Relationship Manager Assistance

  • Advanced Technical Assistance
  • 1. Cutting-edge Trading Platforms(Jiffy Trading App & Advanced Website)

    2. Hassle-Free Software for Tracking and Monthly Reports

    3. Dedicated Whatsapp and Telegram Channels

    4. Training through Webinars and Conferences

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