Benefits Of Being A Sub-Broker With Us

A great opportunity to become a sub-broker and earn lucrative commissions with Choice Broking, a reputed Full-Service Broking company in India. You have the option to choose from different Sub-Broker models that suit you the best. We provide you with assistance at every step.
High Incentives
Become a Sub-Broker with High Incentives
Local Relationship Manager Assistance
Sub Broker Franchise with Local RM Assistance
Software for Tracking and Monthly Reports
Open Remisier Account and Get Tracking & Monthly Reports
Training through Webinars and Conferences
Sub Broker Franchise with Training through Webinars & Conferences
Marketing and Sales Support
Become a Sub-Broker with Marketing & Sales Support
Dedicated WhatsApp and Telegram Channels
Become Remisier with Dedicated WhatsApp & Telegram Channels
Cutting-edge Trading Platforms (App & Web)
Sub Broker Franchise with Cutting-edge Trading Platforms
Transparent and Growth-oriented Business Model
Sub Brokership with Transparent & Growth-Oriented Business Model

Product Offerings For Sub-Broker Franchise

Along with attractive incentives, we offer more than just one financial service! This facilitates you to offer more financial services to your client; thereby increasing your income to a four-fold. Below are the financial services you can offer:
Become a Sub Broker & Earn Through Equity and Commodity Broking
Equity and Commodity Broking
Become a Sub-Broker & Earn Through Mutual Funds
Mutual Funds Distribution
Become a Sub-Broker & Earn Through Insurance
Become a Sub-Broker & Earn Through Retail Loans
Retail Loans
Who Can Become A Sub-Broker

Who Can Become A Sub-Broker?

Anyone who wishes to create a passive source of income.
  • No educational qualification criterion
  • Individual must be 18+ years of age
  • A knack to sell products effortlessly
  • A desire to be your own boss

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any individual who wishes to create a source of passive income and is 18+ years of age can become a Sub-Broker with Choice Broking. We provide the necessary training and marketing materials to help hone their financial knowledge as well.
The incentives/commissions that a Sub-Broker earns vary from company to company. However, Choice Broking offers a very growth-centric plan for its sub-brokers, whereby they can sell not just one, but four different financial services to their clients. This will help increase their income to a four-fold.
Many times companies ask for certain certifications to qualify as a Sub-Broker with them and even a certain deposit amount. With Choice Broking, we wanted to make it very simple and ensure that maximum people benefit by partnering with us. Hence, we also offer a plan where there is no deposit fee required. Further, we also do not pose a strict qualification criterion, since we will be providing the training when necessary.
It is extremely easy to get started as a Sub-Broker with Choice Broking. We’ve eliminated the endless documents procedure to make it uncomplicated for Sub-Brokers to register, thereby creating a hassle-free experience.

Sub Broker Franchise Offer

See the Incentive Levels in the below table

Per Account Opening Incentive
Level Number of Accounts Account Opened Account Opened Cash Margin of more than Rs. 5,000/- & 2 Transaction done Account Opened, Cash Margin of Rs. 30,000/- or more added & 2 Transaction done
1 4-49 0 200 500
2 50-99 100 200 700
3 100-299 150 300 1000
4 300-1999 200 500 1000
5 2000 + 300 700 2100

Who Is A Sub Broker

A Sub Broker is an individual who works on behalf of a stock broking firm. The primary role of a Sub broker is to serve as a link between a Broker and client. As a Sub broker works closely with a Stockbroker, one of their key responsibilities is to acquire new clients for the brokerage firm. ...

He/she should assist the clients to invest in shares and manage the client’s portfolio. He/she should manage the queries of the client. A Sub broker earns commission from the transactions done by the clients. (Add Read More Button here)

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has made it mandatory for all Sub brokers to receive a Certificate of Registration. Without the certificate, the individual won’t be able to deal in shares and securities with any clients. So a client must ensure that the individual is registered with SEBI as an authorized Sub broker.

What Are The Benefits of Being A Sub Broker?

  • Being a Sub broker can help to gain expertise and knowledge of the financial market. As Sub brokers get access to stock-related information from the stock broking franchise, they can use the knowledge to improve their market knowledge and serve their clients better.

  • Thirdly, an individual can become a Sub broker without making a large amount of investment. Many share broking franchises allow you to start a career as a sub-broker at a small amount of investment, say at a minimum of Rs 10,000.

  • The Sub broker franchise in which you operate as a sub-broker also allows you to offer services other than investment advice and portfolio handling of the clients. Some brokers encourage them to sell mutual funds and loan services to clients.

  • How Does A Sub Broker Franchise Work?

    ASub broker franchise works under a reputed broking house. The first step involves registering the franchise under SEBI. Once it is legalized, the franchise is responsible for gaining as many clients as possible to earn revenue from the brokerage firm. An excellent client base is a key to higher income for the stockbroker.

    The stockbroker is responsible to make sure that the clients acquired by a sub-broker are satisfied with the service and have a profit-bearing portfolio. The share broking franchise must follow all the norms in the agreement and adhere to the revenue sharing policy with the brokerage firm.

    It is also important to see that the trades placed by the clients are done at the right prices in the market.

    A sub- broking franchise has to give away a percentage share of the income to the brokerage firm. It is like rent that has to be paid to the broker for using their patent name. The amount charged is usually minimum and all the other income can be retained by the Franchise.

    How Can You Become A Sub Broker?

    To become a sub-broker, an individual is required to: 1. Choose the best sub-broker franchise model you want to be associated with. 2. Check the eligibility criteria of the sub broking franchise before applying. 3. Submit all the documents that are required to become an authorized sub-broker. The list of documents is quite basic and includes:

  • Address Proof (Any one)
  • Aadhaar Card/Voter ID Card/Ration Card/Passport/Electricity Bill/Driving Licence/Telephone Bill/Rent Agreement
  • Qualification Proof (Any one)
  • Higher Secondary (12th pass) Certificate/Diploma Certificate + SSC mark sheet/Experience certificate of at least 2 years in the Capital Market (in case the individual does not possess the HSC/SSC/Diploma certificate.
  • Identification Proof (Any one)
  • Aadhaar Card/Voter ID Card/PAN Card/Passport/Driving Licence

    4. Along with the submission of documents, you will have to remit processing of Rs 2000 plus GST.
    5. Your documents will be then verified by the stockbroker and forwarded to the stock exchange.
    6. Once your documents are scrutinized by the exchange, you are required to remit the SEBI registration fees to the stock broker.
    7. After the receipt of the SEBI registration fees, you will receive sub-broker registration certification and a registration number from SEBI.
    8. You are now an authorized sub-broker.

    Who Can Become a Sub Broker?

    To become a Sub broker, an individual has to meet the following criteria listed by the Indian stock exchange.
    Eligibility Criteria To Become A Sub broker
  • The age of an individual must be 18 years or above.
  • The individual must possess a Higher Secondary (12th pass) certificate.
  • The individual must possess a SEBI authorized registration form.
  • In case an applicant does not have the required proof of qualification then he/she needs to provide an experience certificate of at least 2 years in the Capital Market.

  • Why Become A Sub Broker With Choice Broking?

    You should become a Sub broker with Choice Broking to enjoy lucrative perks and benefits. These includes:
  • No Registration Charges
  • No Deposit amount
  • Up to 75% Revenue sharing
  • Highest Account opening incentive
  • Expert Research advisory
  • Lifetime Earning opportunity