Why Open A Free Trading Account Online With Us?

Why Choice Broking?

Why us for Opening Free Trading Account


A dedicated research team that provides Technical and Fundamental Research at no extra cost.


An excellent support team that guides you at every step available via phone and emails and branch offices.


We have 48 local offices available across the country at your service.


A trusted name in the broking industry backed by 25+ years of experience in the finance domain.

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Open a Low Brokerage Trading Account

Brokerage is charged on a percentage basis for Intraday, Delivery and Futures while the brokerage for Options is calculated on the basis of a flat fee.

  • Delivery 0.20%
  • Intraday 0.02%
  • Futures 0.02%
  • Options ₹ 25 per Lot
  • Futures 0.02%
  • Options ₹ 20 per Lot
  • Futures 0.02%
  • Options ₹ 50 per Lot

Open a PaperlessPaperless Trading Account For Free

Trading Account Opening Process

Step One Step One Step One
Register Online

Fill in the required details and upload the relevant documents along with a passport size photograph.

Step Two Step Two Step Two
In-Person Verification

Complete the In-person verification (IPV).

Step Three Step Three Step Three
Registration Complete

Your Trading Account opening is successful with Choice Broking.

Step Four
Courier POA

Courier us the signed copy of the Power of Attorney (POA) sent on your registered Email ID.

Trading Account Opening FAQ's

Online account opening has become fairly convenient not to mention quick. If you have all the required documents handy, and the KYC is done, then the account can be opened in 15 minutes. If the KYC is not done then it could take a couple of working days.
It’s hard to say about other brokers, but Online Trading Account opening or Online Demat Account opening with Choice broking is absolutely free. There are no charges whatsoever.
First year AMC is free, next year onwards Choice Broking takes minimal charges for maintaining and keeping your trading account ready to use whenever you’d like to.

First Year AMC is Free and then *3 plans to choose from:

  • Rs.200/- + GST Yearly Plan
  • Rs.1500/- + GST - Lifetime AMC Covered
  • Rs.3000/- Full Refundable AMC (Full amount will be refunded when you close the account with Choice Broking)
Below are the documents required to open a trading account online, it is helpful to keep them handy when you try to open a trading account online.
  • Address Proof
  • PAN Card
  • Cancelled Cheque
  • Photograph
  • Signature on a White Paper
  • Income Proof

Note: These must be individual documents and they need to be self-attested before they are uploaded.

Yes, it is necessary to provide Power of Attorney to your broker. This is part of the account opening procedure and can be directly downloaded from the site. The POA is a critical document so it has to be filled and the attested hard copy has to be mailed to Choice Broking’s HQ. Below is the address,
Courier Address: Courier Address: Choice International Limited,
Sunil Patodia Tower,J B Nagar,
Andheri (East), Mumbai 400099.,Maharastra
It’s alright to be concerned about security when it comes to money, but the regulators that govern the market have very strict guidelines about maintaining and operating demat accounts. The technology employed is safe and done in a way that makes Trading/Demat Accounts virtually unhackable.
It’s completely safe to open a trading account online.
There are limits as such to the maximum amount that can be added to your account. You will need to check with your back regarding transfers to Demat/ Trading accounts.
Absolutely, Stocks, Currencies, commodities and F&O, you can use the same account for trading in all segments.

How to Open a Trading Account Online?

With technology everything has become smoother and faster, and today a Trading + Demat A/c can be opened in a matter of minutes. It’s actually quite cumbersome to just open a trading account because you might want to buy and hold shares at some point. ...

Choice Broking can either open both accounts (Trading+ Demat A/c) together, or you can open a trading account with Choice Broking and connect your existing DP with a referral code, while signing up.

Note: If the referral code is not mentioned while registering; both accounts will be opened

Opening a Trading account online with Choice Broking takes just 15 minutes, if all the required documents are ready.

Below are the steps,

Click on the Demat account opening link


Download Jiffy App from Playstore or Appstore and start registration

  • Fill the required details
  • Upload the required documents along with PP photograph
  • Complete the In-person verification (IPV)
  • Registration Done
  • Courier the signed POA (Power of Attorney) that is sent on your registered mail id to Choice Broking.

What is a Trading Account?

Think of a trading account like a current account of a bank, whereas the demat account is like a savings account. The trading account is a link between the demat and bank account. Trading account is the place where the buying and selling of securities actually takes place.

What is the difference between Trading A/c and Demat A/c?

The below table will explain the difference succinctly,


Demat Account -

The Demat Account is used to hold the securities. The transactions are not part of the Demat Account.

Trading Account -

The Trading account is used for buying and selling securities.


Demat Account -

Demat short for Dematerialized Securities allows investors to hold their physical shares in electronic form.

Trading Account -

Trading account allows to place orders for trading in securities


Demat Account -

The Demat Account is like a saving bank account and is for the purpose of holding the securities

Trading Account -

Trading account is like a current bank account and sells securities by withdrawing from the Demat account.

Suitable for:

Demat Account -

Demat account is suitable for investors who would like to take delivery of their stocks and hold them for a long period of time.

Trading Account -

Trading account is suitable for traders for intraday trading or for transactions over a short period of time.

Approval of SEBI and NSDL:

Demat Account - Mandatory

Trading Account - Not required

Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC):

Demat Account - Yes

Trading Account -

AMC charges are not applicable but the investor has to pay brokerage and statutory charges like GST, STT, turnover tax, stamp duty, and exchange charges.

Benefits of Trading Account with Choice

There are many advantages associated with opening a trading account with Choice, here are some,

  • Low Brokerage charges
  • Free Account opening and Free first year AMC
  • Free Research Advisory for trade and investment calls
  • Low DP Charges (Rs.10)
  • Free Call for Trade facility
  • Effective referral program
  • Advanced Trading platforms
  • Local offices across India

What Are Trading Account Charges & Fees with Choice

Opening a trading account with a Choice is free.

Choice Broking offers first year free AMC and then one can select any from the below 3 options,

First Year AMC is Free and then *3 plans to choose from:

Rs.200/- + GST Yearly Plan

Rs.1500/- + GST - Lifetime AMC Covered

Rs.3000/- Full Refundable AMC (Full amount will be refunded when you close the account with Choice Broking)

For more details regarding the total applicable brokerage charges.