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Open a Low Charges Brokerage Account

Brokerage is charged on a percentage basis for Intraday, Delivery and Futures while the brokerage for Options is calculated on the basis of a flat fee.

  • Delivery 0.20%
  • Intraday 0.02%
  • Futures 0.02%
  • Options ₹ 25 per Lot
  • Futures 0.02%
  • Options ₹ 20 per Lot
  • Futures 0.02%
  • Options ₹ 50 per Lot

Open a PaperlessPaperless Brokerage Account For Free

Brokerage Account Opening Process

Step One Step One Step One
Register Online

Fill in the required details and upload the relevant documents along with a passport size photograph.

Step Two Step Two Step Two
In-Person Verification

Complete the In-person verification (IPV).

Step Three Step Three Step Three
Registration Complete

Your Brokerage Account opening is successful with Choice Broking.

Step Four
Courier POA

Courier us the signed copy of the Power of Attorney (POA) sent on your registered Email ID.

Brokerage Account Opening FAQ's

If you have all your documents handy, it should take 4-5 minutes to open a brokerage account online.
There are no charges for opening a Brokerage Account at Choice.

When you open a brokerage account with Choice, you get free AMC charges for the first year. After, the first year you can select from the below 3 plans:

  • Rs.200/- + GST Yearly Plan
  • Rs.1500/- + GST - Lifetime AMC Covered
  • Rs.3000/- Full Refundable AMC (Full amount will be refunded when you close the account with us)

*In case no scheme is selected by you then by default AMC as per the annual plan will be charged at the end of the first year.

For a Corporate Account, the AMC charges applicable from the 1st year are – 1000/- + GST per Annum Plan.

No, it is not necessary to send a POA to activate a brokerage account with Choice.

However, You will need to send a signed copy of your Power of Attorney (POA) to the Choice Head Office after opening a brokerage account.

The POA will give the authorization to sell your shares from your Demat account without the need to authorize them online all the time whenever you sell them.

Choice Head Office Address:

Choice House, Shree Shakambhari Corporate Park
Plot No. 156-158, J B Nagar, Andheri (East)
Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400099
Yes, you can use the same brokerage account for trading in all segments.
You are required to provide the following documents to open a brokerage account online with Choice.
  • A Valid Proof of Identity(Your proof of address can include any of the following):

    1. Aadhar Card

    2. Voter ID card

    3. Passport

    4. Driving License

  • A Valid Proof of Income(If you want to trade in the F&O segment you have to submit any of these following documents):

    1. A copy of IT returns submitted to the IT department

    2. A copy of annual income audited by a CA

    3. Last 6 months bank statement

    4. Demat account statement with a DP

    5. Net worth certificate

    6. Copy of your Salary slip and Form 16 (for salaried employees)

  • A Valid Proof of your corresponding Bank Account

    1. A cancelled cheque of the bank to be linked with your Trading Account

    2. Bank passbook with the IFSC code clearly printed on it

Yes, you can open a free brokerage account online with Choice.
  • You must be 18 years of age and above
  • You must be a resident of India
  • You must have all the documents required to open a brokerage account online

How to Open a Brokerage Account?

A brokerage account is a type of account that allows the purchase and sale of securities like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. The account can be opened with a variety of regulated brokerage firms. These brokerage companies range from full-service stockbrokers to low-cost internet bargain brokers....

Similar to a bank account, you can transfer money in and out of your online brokerage account, but unlike banks, these accounts provide you access to the stock market and other investments.

Because investment income in this account is taxed as capital gains, these accounts are often referred to as taxable accounts. When compared to other types of accounts, brokerage accounts serve as a beneficial option. You can open your account with a service provider who is known to be the provider of the best brokerage account in India.

Who Can Open A Brokerage Account

The purpose of opening a Brokerage Account is for trading in stocks, investing in mutual funds, bonds, and other commodities in a variety of ways. They are as follows:
  • Individuals from India
  • Anyone over the age of 18 who has a valid PAN card and a bank account in India is eligible to open a Brokerage account.
  • Minors
  • Even minors, contrary to popular thought, can invest in the stock market. Parents or authorized guardians can open a minor Demat account after uploading the necessary papers.
  • NRIs
  • NRI Brokerage accounts are for Indians who are currently residing outside of India (outside of India). NRIs (non-resident Indians) can open a Brokerage Account to participate in Indian equity markets.

    Benefits of Opening A Brokerage Account

    Here are following benefits of opening a brokerage account -


    Companies may easily transmit dividends, bonuses, stock splits, interest, and other items to their shareholders via these accounts, and you can easily receive them.

    Extremely Liquid

    Getting profits on shares is much easier with brokerage accounts because trading is so fluid.

    In Digital Format

    All of your assets are kept in electronic form (Digital Format), making them fully hassle-free and time-saving. All of the hazards connected with dealing with paper, such as counterfeiting, loss of physical shares, and so on, are eliminated.

    Transfers of Stock

    Physical transfer of shares used to take a long time; currently, it is simple to transfer shares and there is no stamp duty to pay.

    How To Open A Brokerage Account In India?

    To open a Brokerage account in India, you have to determine the kind of brokerage account you would require. For Investors, it is very important to open a Demat Account and a Trading Account.

    Even, If you are not trading in Futures and Options, you should still have a Demat Account to hold your shares and securities. In order to sell your stocks and securities, you need to open a Trading Account.

    Here is a step by step guide to open a Brokerage Account online:

    Step 1: Select a Reputed Brokerage Firm

    Before opening a brokerage account, you must be sure that you have chosen the best stockbroker. The broker should provide excellent support and investment-related service to build a strong investment portfolio.

    Step 2: Calculate the Brokerage Charges

    Compare and check the brokerage account charges of your preferred stockbroker. The processing fee charges vary from one brokerage firm to another. Many brokers do not even charge any processing fee. So, ensure the charges before opening an account.

    Step 3: Read the Account Opening Procedure

    Read the account opening procedure carefully. Reach out to the brokerage firm in case of any problem or queries regarding the same.

    Step 4: Submit the Documents Online

    Submit all the documents carefully to open an account. For most brokers, you will require valid proof of identity, valid proof of address, bank account proof, valid proof of income for trading in the F&O segment for the online account opening.

    Step 5: Verification of your Documents

    Once you have submitted your documents online, your documents will be verified. After your online KYC is done, you are ready for the final process.

    Step 6: Brokerage Account ID

    You will receive a unique Brokerage Account ID that you can use to start trading in the stock market.

    Documents Required For Opening A Brokerage Account

    Submission of the following documents is required in order to open an online Brokerage Account:
  • A valid PAN card is required to start a Brokerage Account.

  • For Personal Identification, you must present a collection of documents. This is a document that certifies the authenticity of your identification.
  • List of Documents that can be used as Identity Proof for yourself

  • Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Voter's ID
  • Driver's License

  • You must submit a document verification of your address. A utility bill, for example, is a document verification that discloses where you live and authenticates you as a legal resident of India.
  • The following is a list of documents that can be used to prove your address:

  • Passport
  • Ration Card
  • Bank Statements/Passbooks
  • Electricity Bill
  • A copy of your most recent Photograph
  • Process To Open A Brokerage Account With Choice

    To open a brokerage account with Choice India, you need to:

    1. Register Online.

    2. Fill up the Required Details.

    3. Upload the Relevant Documents

    4. Complete the In-Person Verification Process

    5. Your Brokerage Account is Ready.

    Note: You will need to send the signed copy of your Power of Attorney (POA) to the Choice Head Office. Once received, you will receive a copy of the POA in your registered mail from Choice.

    Choice Head Office Address:

    Choice International Limited,
    Sunil Patodia Tower,J B Nagar,
    Andheri (East), Mumbai 400099.

    The POA will give the authorization to sell your shares from your Demat account without the need to authorize them online all the time whenever you sell them.

    What Are The Charges & Fees On A Brokerage Account With Choice?

    Choice is a full-service brokerage firm with the lowest brokerage charges in the industry. There are no charges to open an online Brokerage account with Choice.

    You can check out the detailed breakdown of all the other applicable charges like Securities Transaction Tax, Stamp Charges, GST, SEBI Charges, Depository participant DP Charges, and visit to know the details about brokerage charges and fees here.
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