Best Book For Intraday Trading

Best Book For Intraday Trading

It is rightly said that “A book is a gift which you can open again and again”, and no matter what, a good book never ditches you. Not just your life, but a good read can brighten your trading journey. This is the reason, in this article, we will discuss the best book for intraday trading.

People often wonder how to make money from intraday trading, considering the risk factors associated with it. And there is definitely no denying the fact that intraday trading is a little risky but also has a great reward potential.

Why do people dread intraday trading? It is usually due to the fact that it requires the buying and selling of shares in a single day. This requires excellent decision making, knowledge, and the right intraday trading strategies.

While a lot can be understood by practising in the market, it is always great if you first read, research, and then trade. It will not only broaden your learning spectrum but also help you to maximize your profits.

So, let us begin and have a look at the best books for intraday trading.

Best Book For Intraday Trading India

There is no book in general that will not help someone grow. But every book has a specific purpose of serving. Since intraday trading has a lot to learn, ranging from different trading strategies, technical analysis, patience, and decision making.

Although there are several books written and published on intraday trading, we will cover some as mentioned below.

  • A Beginner’s Guide To Day Trading Online- Toni Turner
  • The Truth About Day Trading Stocks- Josh DiPetrio
  • How to Make Money In Intraday Trading- Ashwani Gujral
  • Start Day Trading Now: A Quick And Easy Introduction To Making Money While Managing Your Risk-Micheal Sincere
  • How to Make Money With Candlestick Charts- Balkrishna M. Sadekar
  • Trading Harmonic Patterns with Technical Analysis- Rohan Shah

So, let’s begin!

Best Books For Intraday Trading Strategies

Nothing matters more than the right strategy in intraday trading. It is not a game of luck but strategizing and then reaping the benefits. The best book on intraday trading strategies will guide you to your expected profits.

1. A Beginner’s Guide To Day Trading Online- Toni Turner

The first book on the list is a national bestseller authored by Toni Turner. She is a famous name in the stock trading world with over 14 years of experience and a lot of great interviews in her basket.

This book is an excellent read if you not only want to learn the strategies but also learn how you can make the best out of it according to your own needs and goals.

Best suited for beginner traders as well, this book takes you through all the necessary concepts that include technical analysis, risk management, and strategies.

Not only this, but if you are a fan of quizzes, then this book serves as a perfect pick for you. You can easily track your knowledge through various checklists and quizzes mentioned in the book and make sure that you have efficiently learned everything.

If you are looking forward to finding the answer for how to do intraday trading to make short-term gains in the market, this book is a must-read.

2. The Truth About Day Trading Stocks- Josh DiPetrio

There are indeed a lot of advantages of intraday trading, but everything isn’t a fairy tale, right? When you are diving into the world of intraday trading, it is vital to have expectations but only realistic ones.

The book, as the name says, takes a trader through the real market experiences, the pitfalls, and the ways to overcome those. Josh DiPetrio, who is himself an active trader, uses a very conventional and humorous tone in the book to guide a beginner trader away from the fake promises and introduce him to the real market.

It is not a book about making “quick money” but more about how you can learn with patience, practice and then dive full in.

It is a book of Josh’s personal awareness and growth in the hope that people can minimize the risk that is associated with intraday trading.

If you are a beginner and want to read some anecdotes for the actual market and learn, you should give this book a look!

3. How to Make Money In Intraday Trading- Ashwani Gujral

The title is catchy enough, isn’t it? It’s the dream of every trader to know the right strategies to make money easier in intraday trading. What is better than a book written by one of the nation’s most famous analysts and trading experts?

Ashwani Gujral, in his book, has used humour and tried to put every point forward to prepare every trader and familiarize them with the market temperament.

There are more than 200 examples and charts that are tested by the author himself and then bought to the traders so that they can read and learn. He has talked about his 3Ms that is a method, mindset, and money management.

The book will guide to the best and in a very subtle and personal touch.

4.Start Day Trading Now: A Quick And Easy Introduction To Making Money While Managing Your Risk-Micheal Sincere

If you are a beginner and want somebody to break down intraday trading for you from scratch, then Micheal Sincere has done that for you in his book.

Micheal Sincere is a financial journalist and therefore has a broad spectrum of knowledge. He talks about even the most basic stuff of intraday trading like, the type of system/computer that you will need to start your trading journey, the jargon, and also how can you manage your risks.

It is not only about the trading experience but also how you can prepare your mind for day trading.

A lot of traders have already benefited from his books, it’s time for you too!

Best Book For Intraday Trading Technical Analysis

Among all the tips for share market investment and trading, there is one tip that stays constant. Always technically analyse a stock before starting trading. This not only ensures that you pick the right stock for intraday trading but also makes sure that you enter the market at the most appropriate time and then exit at the right time as well.

But very often traders fear technical analysis because of the complexity that has associated with it. Let us talk about some books that will help you make this journey easier for you.

1. How to Make Money With Candlestick Charts- Balkrishna M. Sadekar

The candlesticks as invented by the Japanese is the most common and appropriate ways to use for intraday training. This book guides you to a wide range of candlestick trading techniques.

You will get to know about the candlestick patterns and also how you can utilize them in your trading to increase your profit potential.

The book also talks at length about how using the right candlestick techniques for trading can eliminate the wrong decisions that a trader tends to take because of sentiments and emotions.

Balkrishan has an educational company that talks about candlestick chart pattern thus making sure that you learn from the best.

So, if you are also looking to understand the candlestick patterns and techniques, this book is a great solution to that.

2. Trading Harmonic Patterns with Technical Analysis- Rohan Shah

Now if you want to read about certain patterns like the harmonic patterns, it becomes easier to do technical analysis. This book by Rohan Shah talks of harmonic patterns. These patterns can help a trader to identify the reversal signals and therefore help a lot in day trading.

Not only the harmonic patterns but the book also talks about other technical analysis tools. The book contains great charts and text so that you can understand the basics and advanced form both very easily.

So this is a great book for everyone wanting to learn technical analysis, especially something specific.


“A book is your best friend that will never leave your side”, and a good trading guide can help you learn and then practice the same in the market to make potential gains. You can choose from a wide variety of books, and learn from the experiences of traders. The books will also help you to understand your risk management, your goals, and your targets.

Befriend a book today and make the best of your trading journey. Also if you are looking to start your trading journey, open free trading account today.

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