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Derivatives trading in the Indian Derivatives Markets act as an excellent medium to leverage on foreseen market movements allowing you to either buy or sell a fixed amount of underlying financial assets at a particular time in the future. Derivatives are majorly traded to benefit from anticipated market movements, and additionally, they give you higher liquidity too. Under our Derivatives Market, we allow our clients to perform Futures Trading as well as Options Trading for higher growth rates. This acts as a well-balanced and preferred tool to hedge your risks, speculate and earn returns in a fairly shorter duration.

8 Reasons to begin Derivatives Trading with Choice Broking

  • Trade across Exchanges - With Choice Broking, you can trade flexibly in contracts listed in all major Derivatives Markets in India across various exchanges. We are registered NSE, BSE, MCX, MSEI & NCDEX.
  • Futures & Options Trading - At Choice Broking, we allow our clients to trade in both, Futures & Options as per their preference. This helps the Investor to leverage the Derivatives Market aptly.
  • Hedging Strategies - To seek benefits such as risk management and safeguard yourself from any possibility of losses, the Derivatives market allows you to hedge your positions in the market.
  • Research Report Calls - The Research Team of Choice Broking evaluates various derivatives contracts daily for you to trade in futures & options, wisely. These reports are even available on Whatsapp to our subscribers.
  • Call & Trade - We provide each investor with a dedicated local number for trading in derivatives over the telephone directly connecting the lines with our dealers in the city you’re calling from.
  • Market Order & Limit Order -At Choice Broking, we allow our clients to perform Derivatives Trading through either placing market orders during market hours or by placing limit orders during holidays & non-market hours.
  • Strategic Investment Advice - For you to reap the maximum fruits by trading in the derivatives market, we suggest the best trading ideas pooled with assessable strategies, buy/sell calls and much more.
  • Leverage the Market - At Choice Broking, we enable you to seek higher returns on a lower margin amount irrespective of the upward or downward market movement.

Why Derivatives Trading with Choice?

Research Reports

Precise Research Desk

Our derivatives trading recommendations and reports are backed by our exhaustive & committed research teams. They make sure that your derivative trading is supported by suitable research and no unnecessary risk threatens your positions.

Research & Analysist Team

Insightful Analysis Team

With some of the finest analytical brains analysing the best contracts for derivatives trading, our derivatives research reports & calls are purely based on shrewd analysis backed by our in-depth research

Expert Advisory Service

Seek Expert Advisory

In Derivatives Trading in India, it is essential to seek advisory from experts regarding your derivative positions. We have a dedicated team of experts for each derivative trade opportunity making the management of your trade an expert process.

Trading Platform & Tools

Ground-breaking Tools

Our research & analysis teams use an up-to-date set of tools & techniques to research & analyse the best derivatives trading strategies for your goals. This makes your task easy & quick in the Derivatives Market.

View Choice Broking’s Research Reports

Access the Most Accurate Fundamental Research & Technical Research for Derivatives Trading in the Indian Derivatives Markets
  • aaj ka trend derivatives - This is our strategic report on derivatives which covers stock specific strategies and index-specific strategies in the Derivatives Market. It’s usually an expiry strategy for futures and options.
  • derivatives direction - This is our daily report which also carries our derivatives strategy. In this report, we pick open-interest data, stock-specific data while sharing key highlights on NIFTY Options and FII & DII Derivative Statistics

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