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How To Start Stock Market Investment?

How To Start Stock Market Investment

Are you wondering about entering the stock market but are not sure how to start stock market investment? Don’t worry because this is a common question that circles around a lot. This is because of the multiple share market risks.

The stock market is a great way to start your investments as it has a higher potential of generating returns when compared to other investment options. In addition, you can trade different financial instruments like stocks, bonds, etc., in the share market and generate significant returns.

But even after this, there are comparatively fewer people involved in the stock market. Statically speaking, even after the growing interest, only 3-4 per cent of the Indian population has entered the share market avenue.

The reason is simple: many people are not aware of the advantages, and some are too scared to begin.

This article will talk about how to start a stock market investment and make it a source of your passive income or, maybe, active.

So, let’s begin!

How To Start Stock Market Investment In India?

The Indian share market has come a long way, and over the years, it has managed to produce great returns for a lot of investors.

As we discussed above, many investors are not still actively participating in the stock market because of the lack of and the dilemma of where to start from.

In addition to this, a lot of people often think that you need to have a significant chunk of money when you are investing in the share market.

But to be honest, it is not the case.

You can start your investment in the share market as low as ₹100. It is just that you need a direction for your beginning.

To talk of another feature, stock market investments are designed to suit the needs of every individual depending on the financial goals, capital, and risk appetite.

There are some basic requirements before you start investing in the share market. So let us quickly discuss the same.

Choose A Stock Broker

Stockbrokers are the intermediaries that help you trade efficiently in the market. Now SEBI has made it mandatory for all investors to place their trade through a stockbroker. It is therefore essential that you make the right choice.

Just like before choosing an outfit for a ceremony, you brainstorm ideas, scroll through different apps, research, and then select one, you should follow the same process for the selection of your stockbroker.

There are widely two types of brokers in the market, namely, full-service brokers and discount brokers. While the full-service brokers give you advisory and research tips, the discount brokers do not provide such facilities.

So, depending on your financial goals and experience, you can pick the stockbroker that you like.  Also, check the brokerage and other charges because you don’t want to be paying too much.

It is also essential to check the investment options that the stockbroker provides. And the most important thing that you should remember when choosing a stockbroker is to look at its SEBI registration number.

It gives the stockbroker a legal and authentic status to trade.

The choice is a full-service broker and lets you invest across segments, including equity, derivatives, commodities, and currency.

So, if you are a beginner in the stock market, the research tips will help you a lot, and even if you are an experienced trader, a little advice has never harmed anyone!

Open A Demat Account

Just like you need wheels to run a vehicle smoothly, you need a Demat and a trading account to move your trading journey efficiently. A Demat account is like a digital briefcase to store all your shares in an electronic form.

Apart from this, the trading account lets you carry out all the money transactions.

But here comes the question, where to open a Demat account. These days there are many stockbrokers offering Demat account opening online services for Free. All you need a few documents to open your Demat account.

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Bank Account Details
  • Address Proof
  • Income proof (compulsory if you want to trade in the f&o segment)
  • Signature

Once you have a Demat and a trading account, you can quickly start your trading journey.

These are the basic requirements you need to fulfill if you look to invest in the stock market.

How To Start Investing In Stock Market Online?

Gone are the days when people used to sell shares in paper format and in offline mode all around the city. This was when there were many scams because there was nobody to keep track of all the happenings.

But now, you can quickly start investing in the stock market online through various trading platforms provided by the stockbroker.

Jiffy by Choice is a perfect platform that you can use to start trading online. But before you start investing in the share market, there are some things that you should keep in mind.

  • Decide your financial goals. Different people can have various targets to achieve. So it is essential that you figure out whether you want to invest for short-term financial goals like buying a car, buying a phone, or for long-term like higher education or marriage.
  • Once you have decided on your goals, you need to pick a segment to trade.
  • There are various trading styles in the stock market depending on the time that you are investing in.
  • The trading styles include intraday trading (buying and selling the shares on the same day), delivery trading (holding the stocks for the long term), and swing trading (holding the stock for a maximum of 2 months).

It is important that depending on your goals, and you should also pick a trading style.

  • Make sure that you have received your login ID and password after successfully opening a Demat account with the stockbroker.
  • Just like defining your targets, also make sure that you know the level of risk that you can handle on a particular investment.

Now, let us have a look at how you can invest in the share market online.

  • Download the Jiffy app from the Playstore or App Store. It is readily available for both iOS and Android.
  • Search for the stocks that you want to invest your capital in. Then, you can add these stocks to your watchlist to monitor the price movement easily.
  • Once you have successfully analyzed and selected the stock, click on the buy/sell option.
  • Enter the price, choose the type of order, the trading style, and click on submit.

With these simple steps, you can quickly start investing in the share market.

How To Start Investing In Stock Market For Beginners?

A lot of beginners often wonder how to start investing in the stock market. As we discussed earlier, there are various investment options in the stock market. But the question is which one is the best for beginners?

  • Invest in IPO- Isn’t it great if you get to know that you can actually invest in companies before they make a public debut? IPOs give you this opportunity. If we talk about the IPO meaning, it is the process through which a private company gets its shares listed in the stock exchange.

It is a good way for a beginner investor to start the investment journey. You can easily apply for IPO online. The investors can get the shares at a better price in the primary market, and then when the stocks finally get listed at the stock exchanges, an investor can take advantage of the listing gains.

  • Investing in Stocks- Now, it enters the secondary market when the company gets listed in the stock exchange. This is definitely an option for you to invest in. You can pick the stocks based on your goals and capital.

Now, you should keep in mind certain things when you are investing in the stock market. Let us have a look at some of the tips.

Tips for Share Market Investment

As discussed above, the share market has the potential to give you potential returns in the short-term as well as long term. So if you are wondering is share market profitable? If yes, then do follow some of the tips that you should keep in your mind to earn good profits in the share market.

  • Understand the basics of the stock market. Once you familiarise yourself with all the jargon and strategies of the stock market, you will enjoy investment and also make profits from the same.
  • Define a target for yourself.
  • Be aware of the risk that you are willing to take in a trade and then invest your hard-earned money accordingly.
  • “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. This means that you should diversify your portfolio rather than invest all your money in a single option.
  • When investing in the stock market, take hold of your emotions and don’t let any emotion manipulate you in drastic trading decisions.


The Indian stock market gives you an opportunity to explore other investment options and not stay limited to the traditional methods. You can earn money in the stock market if you begin carefully and only after researching and proper knowledge.

There is a chance to choose from a wide range of trading styles and segments depending on your financial goals and your reason to invest in the share market.

You need to have a Demat account to start investing in the share market. So open a Demat account today!

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