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Share Market Timings

Share Market Timings

Can somebody trade the entire day and at their own convenience? Will it really keep the market as exciting as it is now? The answer is NO. There are very specific share market timings that an individual has to follow in the stock market.

Just like the normal local market is not open the entire day, similar is the case with the stock market as well. Therefore, all the individuals have to trade within a specific time window to keep the market flowing.

Let us now discuss the share market timings in India.

Stock Market Timings India

The trading window in India is from 9:15 AM- 3:30 PM. These are the timings from Monday-Friday. As far as the share market timings for Saturday are considered, the market does not operate either on Saturdays or Sundays.

Apart from these two days, there are certain other holidays also in the share market, which we will discuss in the later section of this article.

The share market timings also vary for the different segments that you choose to trade. These are the timings for the equity trading.

Let us now have a detailed look at the share market open and close time.

Share Market Open Time

The market for the equity segment becomes operational from 9:15 AM. But there are various sessions in the opening of the share market. So let us look at the different opening sessions in the share market.

  • Pre-opening session- The pre-opening session in the Indian stock market happens before the actual market opens. The timings for the same are 9:00 AM-9:15 AM. The purpose of the pre-opening session is to determine a reasonable price for the securities.

This also makes sure that if anything has happened after the market hours, the market can adapt to the news. There are various different sessions in the pre-market session as well.

The first session is from 9:00 AM-9:08 AM. During this session, all the transactions and modifications are done at the prices. After this, there is a price matching session from 9:08 AM- 9:12 AM. This is one of the most important sessions in the share market as it determines the prices of a particular security.

  • Market Session- After the pre-opening session, the normal market session begins. The timings of the same are 9:15 AM-9:30 AM. You can execute your orders during this time. During this time, price fluctuations happen because of the changing demand and supply of securities.
  • Block deal session- There is another session for the high-priced transaction. This is known as a block deal. If a single deal has to be executed of value greater than ₹500,000 or 5 crores, it is completed in the block deal session. The block deal session happens in 2 shifts.

The timings of the block deal session in the morning are from 8:45 AM- 9:00 AM, and in the evening, it is between 2:05 PM- 2:20 PM.

These are the opening time of the share market in India. So, if you want to earn money in the share market, make sure that you know all these timings.

Share Market Close Time

The market opens at 9:13 AM, and the closing time is 3:30 PM. So after this time, you cannot place or execute any orders. Although, there is a facility for after-market orders. In this, you can place the orders even after the closing of the market.

The trades will be executed the next day after the share market opens.

The closing price of a security is determined by the demand and supply of the security for the entire day.

Now we know that different trading styles have different trading timings. So let us discuss the same.

Intraday Trading Time

Intraday trading, or day trading as the name suggests, is the buying and selling of securities within a day. This means that the trading window for intraday trading is between 9:15 AM- 3:30 PM. If you don’t complete the trades during this time, your positions will be squared-off.

In Choice, your open intraday positions are squared-off by 3:15 PM, depending on the scrips.

But is the entire day a good time for intraday trading? The answer is certainly no! The best time frame for intraday trading is between 9:30 AM- 10:30 AM.

During the initial hours, the market is volatile, liquid, and reactive. That sets the perfect tone for intraday trading.

So, if you are looking to buy and sell the shares on the same day, make sure that you do it in this limited trading window.

Let us now look at the commodity share market timings.

Commodity Share Market Timing

Commodity trading has also given the traders good profits over the years. Moreover, since the commodities have a global reach, the commodity share market timings are also impacted to a large extent.

The opening hours for the Agri and non-Agri commodities is 9 AM, but the closing time differs because of the dependency on different time zones as well.

The commodity share market timings are given in the table below.

Make sure that your orders are executed in the given time frame only.

Currency Share Market Timings

Currency trading is another emerging field in the share market. The timings of the same are also impacted because of the various global currencies involved. You can trade currencies only in the derivatives segment.

The currency share market timings are given in the table below.

Although the share market remains open from Monday-Friday, there are some holidays as well.

Share Market Holiday

The share market remains functional from Monday-Friday, and the weekends are closed. Apart from the two holidays per week, there are also some other holidays when the stock market remains closed.

The list of the holidays for 2022 is given below.


If you are looking to start your trading journey in the Indian Stock Market, it is essential to keep an eye on the trading time as well.

There are different trading segments, therefore, there are different trading times as well.

Since the commodities and currencies are internationally referenceable, the timings of both the segments are different from the equity segment.

The market remains open for the 5 days of the week and stays close during weekends. You can choose your trading style and then place your trades in the given time frame.

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