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Choice is a SEBI registered portfolio manager vide registration number INP000005856. At Choice, our Portfolio Management Services are customized to meet your needs. This enables you to achieve your goals with our years of experience in making customized solutions work. We factor in your risk appetite and financial goals to devise unique portfolios.

Specialized Investment and Portfolio Management

PMS - Portfolio Management Services is a highly sophisticated service wherein a portfolio manager makes investments in equity, fixed income, debt and other money market instruments for Individuals, HNI (High Net worth Individuals) or institutions with a minimum investment value of 25 lakhs.

Best Portfolio Management Services in India

Portfolio Management Services at Choice aims at appreciation of capital by making investments in sectors and growing companies while considering the risk potential and tenure of the investment. Choice Portfolio Management Services offer a wide range of PMS strategies that cater to different segments of clients. These are thematic strategies which aim at maximizing the investors wealth while making investments in diversified stocks in sectors which show growth at a fast pace.

Choice PMS is a trusted name in the broking and distribution space owing to our portfolio managers who possess more than two decades of industry experience with demonstrated ability to create investment portfolios in varying markets.

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Portfolio Management Service - Benefits

Experienced & Professional Fund Management

Finely Crafted Investment Philosophy for varied set of investors

Exhaustive In – house Research Desk

Devoted Relationship Manager for a Client

High level of Transparency

Personalized Approach

Timely review of Fund performance

Quality selection of stocks, investments in growing companies & top performing sectors

Top performing sectors You can download the leaflet of all the PMS strategies by the team of experts coming right from the research desk from the below link to get access to the strategies & select the ones which best suits your requirements. You can also get in touch in our team who & they’ll connect with you shortly to guide you better & recommend a strategy which seamlessly fits your financial goals.

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What Is a Portfolio Management Service?

Portfolio Management Service is a specialized niche that deals with your investments. It is the service offered by professional portfolio managers to help your finances to get invested in a proper manner. The service focuses on maximizing the revenue on the investment whilst minimizing the risks....
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