Margin Trading Services

Using Margin Trading Facility (MTF) facility, an investor can buy shares using a small amount from his available funds/shares as collateral known as margin. The remaining balance required to complete the transaction is funded by the broker.

  • Boost your buying power with Choice Margin+
  • Break the barrier and carry forward your delivery trades beyond T+7 days
  • Amplify your leverage upto 4X

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"Choice Equity Broking Private Limited offers MTF facility under the product category Choice Margin+, wherein Investors can create positions both on NSE and BSE exchange"

Margin Trading Facility Advantage

This facility allows the investor to carry forward his delivery position beyond 7 days. If the investor decides to take the delivery then he has to make good the funded amount.

Interest will be charged by the Broker on the Funded Amount/Debit Balance*


  • Initially MTF Trading was allowed only against cash margin. Now Securities Exchange Board Of India (SEBI) has relaxed the said criteria vide its circular no. SCIR/MRD/DP/54/2017 dated June 13, 2017
  • Investors can now create positions under MTF against shares as collateral too.




  • MTF trading in stock market is closely monitored by SEBI and Exchanges which include the eligible securities and margin required (through cash or shares as collateral) on such securities are prescribed by them from time to time.
  • Currently, the securities forming part of Group 1 securities are included in MTF Trading. Only Corporate Brokers are allowed to offer MTF Facility as per SEBI Guidelines.
Salient Points


  • Allows the Investor to hold positions purchased for a long period in those securities which are not a part of the Derivatives Segment
  • Investors buying securities under the MTF Segment gets excluded from getting their positions being squared off or their accounts blocked on T+7 days
  • Securities can be carried beyond 7 days upto N days (N Days = Number of days allowed by Broker to carry forward MTF Positions)
  • Investors can use their fully paid stocks as collateral and avail this facility to take advantage of timely market opportunities. Stocks lying in your DP Account or your limited Cash Balance allows to buy/leverage more stocks, thus increasing buying power and improve ROI's
  • As margin trade funding enables to have more money, you can spread the portfolio across a variety of shares and securities. As a result your portfolio investment risk gets reduced.


Investors signing the MTF segment should also understand their risk-return capacity and should not get carried away by availing the MTF facility.

How to Activate Your MTF Account

MTF facility is availed in existing trading account by signing MTF agreement and transferring initial margin by way of Cash/Collateral to purchase shares under this facility

Existing customers can activate the MTF segment on existing trading account itself

MTF product is added to the same trading account as separate segment - MTF segment


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