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Government Advisory

Choice regulatory consulting empowers governments by providing expert advisory services on planning new age cities. The vertical is a global conglomerate of companies from different fields who have come together to provide a range of innovative & sustainable resolutions which can suffice the requirement of nations on the basis of their geographical and topographical necessity. We take pride in empowering government for efficient governance, sustainable infrastructure and a skilled lifestyle. We’re also the frontrunners of this field with many prestigious projects and schemes. With cutting-edge solutions for a wide array of customers, we’ve our imprints in some very exhaustive projects with step by step guidance which assists in delivering the initiatives that are ecologically sustainable and economically viable.

What We Do in Government Advisory

Research & Survey
Bid Process Management
Primary Project Report
Detailed Project Report
Project Management Unit
Monitoring & Evaluation
Feasibility Study/Report
Public Information System
Phase based/Turnkey Solution
Management Information System
Policy Formation and Advisory
Scheme Design and Implementation


India’s first Techno-commercial service provider to offer services at Gram Panchayat
level to formulate sturdy project reports.
Project Management Consultants
One of the leading project consultants across the country with focus on timely
progress and work efficiency.
Capacity Building
Sector and Project oriented Institutional Development and Capacity Building support
and acting as a last-mile junction connecting Government with people.
Financial Consultants
Offering diversified panoply of financial services while having the single largest
portfolio of wealth and finance management under one roof.
Technical Assistance
Project design and implementation services wherein the Government facilitates
from our project specific support and initiates new project.
Project Monitoring & Evaluation
An end-to- end project consultant offering project monitoring and supervision with
flagship offices, project-based offices and project management units.

Government Advisory

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Sector We Serve

  • Urban Strategic Services
  • Transportation & Mobility Planning
  • Public Amenities
  • Water Supply & Management
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Water Waste Management
  • Energy & Renewable Energy Management
  • Social & Public Welfare
  • Health & Nutrition
  • BFSI – Banking, Financial Services & Insurance for Unbanked
  • Education & Literacy
  • Enterprise & Business
  • Financial Consultant
  • E-Governance & Citizen Services
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