Services Offered by Choice

Management Consulting
Here, we try and make your business financially robust. We advise you on the key aspects of your business and its transactions while assisting you with cross border advisory too. Be it taxation or compliances and governance or risk management, this division covers it all. An in-house team of experts in each field with business partners across the globe is what makes our management consulting division an entity that is strengthened by solid business partnerships.
Capital Advisory
It’s our division which breathes financial expertise blended with an innovative structure for providing need-based solutions to corporates. A SEBI-registered category-I merchant banker, the capital advisory team provides investment banking, corporate finance and merchant banking solutions. Our experienced team understands the dynamics of various industries as well as possesses deep understanding of financial markets enabling us to reach out to appropriate parties to successfully close the transactions.
Aimed to corroborate technical expertise and project proficiency, especially for Government Projects, this is one of our most ambitious vertical. As project consultants, technical advisors and strategic partners, we have been instrumental in pushing key reforms and frame policies for the public sector. Be it Urban Strategic Service or Transport & Mobility Planning and E-governance or Waste Management, we act as a one of the largest project consultants in India offering a diverse portfolio with comprehensive skillset.
IT Solutions
Standing tall as one our recent divisions, the IT solutions team is a combination of tech-savvy people delivering innovative technological products. Parallel Project Teams, Robust Processes, Cost Effective System and On-Time Project Delivery are elements that drive the business for our IT segment. Web-App Development, Custom CRM/ERP Setup, Business Intelligence, Database Design, Cloud Services and BOT Development are few of their core services.
Treasury Management
This segment functions with just one goal, to make your money grow through multiple investment avenues tailored to the needs of a corporate. It’s our Broking & Distribution division’s institutional arm which blends expertise of financial markets to suit the needs of an institute. The division not only has its expertise in capital markets execution but also assists a corporate with research, analysis and advisory in the field. It has an extended Risk Management arm too which is responsible for covering the financial risk & providing policies that minimize their impact.

Meeting the Corporate Requirements

The Institutional Services offered by Choice Group are mainly about striving hard to make a corporate’s life simple. The group’s core philosophy of helping you run your business smoothly while we do the hard-work for you migrates in our services here. We partner to succeed with all our cards on table and collaborate closely with your firm to build what is a successful engagement and an ideal business synergy for all parties involved.

A group that is focused on building your business.