Stock Market Investments with Choice Broking

Choice Broking, as a registered broker with NSE & BSE provides you with a Demat Account for investing in long-term Equities or trading in Equities as per your objectives and preferences. The Online Equity Trading with us is backed by a Robust and experienced Equity Research team which provided Free comprehensive Reports to make smart investments in the markets. We strongly focus on making Equity Trading easy and fast for you to experience its benefits; to this end we have our own proprietary trading platform – Jiffy.

8 Reasons for Trading / Investing with Choice Broking

  • Trade on BSE & NSE - With Choice Broking, you can trade flexibly in equities listed in both the major exchanges in India i.e. NSE & BSE. We are registered with both these exchanges.
  • Cash & Margin Trading - At Choice Broking, we allow our clients to trade as per their preference. You can either pay the amount immediately or make a down payment & purchase equities worth ‘x’ times the amount paid.
  • Exchange-Traded Funds - To seek benefits such as risk management, diversification, continuous income & controlled volatility, Choice Broking gives you an option to invest in ETF’s.
  • Research Report Calls - The Research Desk of Choice Broking analyses various securities daily for you to trade in equities, wisely. These reports are even available on Whatsapp to our subscribers.
  • Call & Trade - We provide each investor with a dedicated local number for trading in equities over the telephone directly connecting the lines with our dealers in the city you’re calling from.
  • Market Order & Limit Order - At Choice Broking, we allow our clients to trade in equities through either placing market orders during market hours or by placing limit orders during holidays & non-market hours.
  • Strategic Investment Advice - For you to reap the maximum fruits from equity trading, we suggest the best investment ideas combined with quantitative strategies, momentum calls, positional calls and much more.

Why Equity Trading with Choice?

Research Reports

Precise Research Desk

Our equity investment & trading team is backed by our in-depth & dedicated research teams for technical research & fundamental research. They make sure that your equity trading is supported by apt research and no unnecessary risk threatens your equities.

Research & Analysist Team

Insightful Analysis Team

With some of the best analytical brains scrutinizing the best securities for equity investments in NSE & BSE, our equity investment calls are purely based on analysis backed by our research.

Expert Advisory Service

Seek Expert Advisory

In Equity Trading in India, it is crucial to seek advisory from experts regarding your equity investments. We have a dedicated team of experts for each equity investment opportunity making the management of your trade an expert process.

Trading Platform & Tools

Ground-breaking Tools

Our research & analysis teams use a modern set of tools & techniques to analyse the best equity investment & equity trading stocks for long-term & short-term goals. This makes your task easy & quick.

View Choice Broking’s Research Reports

Access the Most Accurate Fundamental Research & Technical Research for Equity Trading & Equity Investments in the Indian Stock Markets
  • Morning Tea - This is our daily morning report on Equities which gives recommendations on any two large-cap or mid-cap stocks. It also analyses the global markets and predicts movement of Indian Indices.
  • Pick of the week - We pick one large-cap & delivery-based stock from the Equity Markets every week for this report. These reports are based on both, fundamental & technical research and have a time horizon of 15 -25 days.
  • IPO Analysis - It offers insight on the IPO of a Company with recommendations regarding whether to subscribe or to avoid. This report is widely covered by the print media across the country.
  • Techno Funda - As the name suggests, this report combines both the research methods. We typically look for companies which are in small cap region and not well known in the Equity market.
  • Choice Spark - This report enjoys the benefit of both, small-cap & large-cap investments by investing in growing companies. It suits our short-term investors 12% to 15% of target within time horizon of 2 weeks.
  • Company Reports - It’s a detail report on a company which includes recommendations of BUY/SELL or HOLD with a typical time frame of 12-18 months. This report analyses a company in-depth for the long-term investors.
  • Techno Buy/Sell - These reports portray our positional calls on Equities and come in the high risk, high return army. The focus is on picking high liquidity stocks to get the best returns with a time horizon of 2 weeks.
  • Trader's Choice - It’s a technical report on a script with BUY or SELL positional recommendations. It takes care of mid-cap & small-cap stocks hovering towards the concept of Buy Today & Sell Tomorrow i.e. BTST.

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