What is it that traders / investors are looking for? Faster Trading experience? It’s a resounding yes.

Ashishkumar Chauhan, Managing Director and CEO of Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) maintains that “BSE has become the fastest exchange in the world with a median response time of 6 micro seconds”. Faster response time should mean faster trading and a bigger opportunity to make more money.

Choice Broking’s, Stock Market Trading App – Jiffy aims to translate this experience to its users via its Mobile Trading Platform. Trade Easy, Trade Fast.

With the country’s internet infrastructure getting robust with each passing day and India being the fastest adopter of telecom services (not to mention the second largest population) the scope for transformation is immense. Everyone can now take an active part in the economy by trading / investing in stocks on the go.

Hence Trade Easy,

Consolidated Scrip Overview
Get all scrip info across different exchange segments on one page along with real-time market depth, bids and offers, charts, and 52-week low and high price.

Consolidated Scrip Overview

Customizable WatchList
Five different customizable WatchLists that help you keep a track of all the scrips that you are interested in
Customizable Stock WatchList

Clean and Simple UI
Easy search and simple navigation that helps you streamline trading activities in a few clicks with new functionalities and actions that make user interaction easier.
Clean and Simple UI

and Trade Fast,

Quick Order Placement
Buy and sell from four different places, i.e. Scrip Overview, OrderBook, Portfolio and WatchList
Quick Order Placement

Price Alerts
Get notified when exchanges, indexes and spots reached your target price.
Price Alerts

Holdings Alerts
Stay updated when there is a 5-10% up and down in your holdings.
Holdings Alerts

What about security?
Jiffy uses the latest in encryption technologies to make it dependable and secure. Here’s why you can trust Jiffy with your Data,

Secure retrieval and storage of data with 256-bit SSL Encryption.

Two-step security authentication that adds an extra layer of security to prohibit unauthorized access.

A trusted platform that is SEBI and AUA audited.

What is Choice Broking offering with Jiffy which is different than others?

The Jiffy App comes with these add-ons making it indispensable

  1. Free* Demat Account Opening
  2. Rs. 0* Annual Maintenance Charges for a lifetime
  3. No minimum deposit required to open an account
  4. Rs. 1000 gift voucher for recommending a unique* feature

So you not only save money but also have the backing of a major financial services group – Choice.

Go ahead, download and check it out today!