Management Consulting

TAXATION Corporate Tax Planning: It is a forward looking activity which encompasses the strategic structuring of business operations in order to minimize tax liabilities. We undertake the activity of minimising the tax liability through the best use of all available allowances, deductions, exclusions, exemptions etc. to reduce the income.

Representation Services: Representation Services are services wherein we represent the client before the various tax officials i.e. Direct Taxation, International Taxation and Indirect Taxation regarding their tax matters. We appear and represent in all appeals and other proceedings before the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, Settlement Commission and Authority for Advance Rulings (AAR), Dispute Resolution Panel (DRP), etc.

Indirect Taxation Services: We assists to ensure compliance of all statutory obligations i.e. obtaining registration, amendment in registration certificate, filing of return, payment of taxes, taking of credit, documents generations, record keeping etc. We provide one stop solutions to comply with all the indirect taxes across the country. It obviates need to appoint consultant separately for each of the states.

KNOWLEDGE PROCESS OUTSOURCING (KPO) As a result of globalization, organizations today are required to make their non-core operations a strategic tool for enhancing their core capabilities, improve processes, lower costs, drive revenue, pledge quality and strengthen customer relationships with Business Outsourcing Solutions.

We at Choice Business Services (‘CBS’) have developed expertise in providing Finance & Accounts and transaction processing services across verticals such as Information Technology (IT), Travel and Hospitality, Manufacturing, Banking and Financial Institutions, Retail, Insurance, Credit Bureaus and Telecom. We have adopted best practices from our global industry-leading clients and developed solutions focused on providing value for companies. We focus on meeting simple transactional needs to providing process management which helps organizations to leverage our expertise and achieve desired results.

RESOURCES MANGEMENT Executive Recruitment: It is extremely crucial to match the requirements and expectations of the company with that of the candidate suitable to handle a significant post in the Company. The organization grows as the employee performs and the employee grows as the organization grows. Fitting a candidate to the right culture is of utmost importance. We help the company in hiring the right person.